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I brought a toy drone for a education community at first when we had a coding class.  

The new coding and computing skill was not easy for some kids and students. But the drone was good for having curiosity and intention of learning ICT.


The behind story: One day I had joined a programming course of IoT for teachers. They said a hamster programming to move a little device forward, backward, left and right. However, I saw a toy drone at one booth. Amazing. The Korean drone company could not follow my marketing idea was their official comments. Any way, my students were also great for test flying the drone.


Students of my volunteer class of Korea University were all agreed with my thought on new trend and IoT related the Drone technology.


Suddenly, a drone competition was open at Korea University. It's the same company I saw and bought the toy drone. One director of the company had mentioned it would not do such thing by email communications. Surprise.